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360° Tour Shyam Gokulam

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Shyam gokulam parking area

3D visual for main gate.

360° views Shyam Gokulam

Home office - 1 view


Middle Passage - 3 views


Kitchen & Dinning area - 3 views


Master Bedroom - 2 views


2nd Master room - 2 views


Kids room - 2 view


2nd kidsroom - 1 view



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Information of creation

(SG)Shyam Gokulam a project we did in parallel to the project (NK)Narshing Kunj in Bikaner both project started together where NK was much more bigger in scale then SG but I must say this small place turned in to more beautiful then we thought in and out.

Design Statements 

Esthetic design inspired with different European and Morden western styles. The exterior was covered with white sand stone in European style, we went very long way to select the stone and the colour to match with the design requirement.  

floral design inlay work on Italian flooring with customised black chandelier light on above it was main attraction at the entrance. 

Creative Reality

Luxury in Design

Success Scale 

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