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Drawing area - 4 views


Master Bedroom - 3 views


Guestroom - 3 views


2nd Master Bedroom - 3 views


Living area - 3 views


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Information of creation

The project was based on a traditional design concept, in a modern house. A duplex apartment with open terrace theatre including all the futuristic amenities, like home automatisation, glass roof and brass sheet CNC cut design patterns. We involved some of the popular Italian stone sculpture also. 

Design Statements

Minimalistic floral design patterns which covers the walls and ceiling. The floral patterns were carved in 3D form and developed moulds to cast in POP. Entire furniture, wardrobes, doors and partitions were carrying white and golden colour design language. Entire sculptures were customised in sense of material and science.

Creative Reality 

Creating floral design on wall and trying to get the best result was most challenging task. Once you succeed in form of quality standards, the another challenge comes to keep it safe where all the agencies working together, who are only concerned about their work rather than others. Involving wood metal POP in a creative way and procuring them on given time heated the environment.

Luxury in Design  

Then most luxurious chimney we ever thought to install was in white colour, and there comes a black on site to Instalation, we accepted it, it was a Communication error.

Entire wall motifs were highlighted with golden rustic colour style, and at some places we have used 24 carat gold also. we have used (MOP) mother of Pearl on the wooden panelling around 400 sqft. There were more then 12+ article Sculptur and side lampshade which were made in Italian marble and precious gem stones, which were adding more beauty to the space.

Success Scale 

Decorating 19 feet x 8 feet wall was a huge challenge, after 7days of constant passionate effort it turned out in to a the most wonderful wall art we ever thought. Project involves large paintings and digital art almost 750 sqft. The unforgettable task creating metal glass roof structure 22 feet x 10 feet manufactured almost 1225 km away from the site, which got almost accurate to the site measurement and we cherish our team who work hard even in having raining to installed the roof structure.

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